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Welcome to Simple Preacher. Embark with me on an enlightening exploration towards achieving a sense of 'wholeness' and uncovering the true essence of Planetary Health and interconnectedness.

In our journey, we'll delve into the concept of the 'Self' and its role in distancing us from a state of 'wholeness' and a deeper comprehension of our inner being. Let's navigate the intricacies of our dependence on external factors such as 'people, places, and things', which often leads to a disconnect from both ourselves and the Earth.
Join me as we seek to bridge these gaps and cultivate a greater sense of unity and understanding.

How Many Times Have You Thought About The Planet Today?


When your heart is open you can hear the Earths cry.


Fed up with the merry go round of self-help courses, false promises.


Do you want to know what true comfort for your soul feels like? Become the story.


Read how Andrew found his. Andrew’s lived experience in The Hustler's Tale.

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You can find yours. Join Us in Paris. Head to Heart Courses: Ancient wisdom combined with contemporary techniques and storytelling. Find a ‘true’ place of comfort for your soul.

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