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Andrew has chosen to become



Open to ridicule


Andrew’s choices offend and challenge the mainstream sensibilities; He throws a light on




Life dominated by ‘Cheap' grace

Andrew, in a bold departure from societal norms, has embarked on a unique journey that he refers to as "The Walk." This unconventional path involves deliberately embracing a life of homelessness, choosing to exist without the confines of a permanent residence. Simultaneously, he has opted for a modest financial existence, willingly embracing a state of poverty as a conscious rejection of materialistic pursuits.


Andrew's commitment extends beyond his living conditions; he has decided to be open to ridicule, acknowledging that his choices may subject him to criticism and mockery from others. Moreover, he accepts being judged, recognizing that his unconventional lifestyle invites opinions and evaluations.


"The Walk" represents Andrew's deliberate defiance of societal expectations, a commitment to authenticity, and a pursuit of a life guided by personal principles rather than conforming to conventional norms.

Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Matt : 19 . 21

12th March 1959, a boy was born... 
12th March 2024, a man walks

Join Andrew as he walks……
A walk to heal the world, a walk to save the Planet.

Andrew studied Theology at Oxford University, this led him to write The Hustler’s Tale. A spiritual autobiography. The Foreword written by Dr. Martyn Percy (former Dean of Christchurch College Oxford). 

Andrew was noviced into the Franciscan Third Order in October 2023.

My lived experience when asked ‘is there a God ?’ demands that I reply ‘Look the Human man-made God is definitely dead’, but I also know that there is a power greater than me, and all the time I separate myself  from this because I am seeking comfort in attachment. Attachment to people, places, and things.

Follow Andrew's journey through daily updates on social media as he documents his travels. Join him and his friends along the way as they delve into the profound concept of being genuinely 'joined to the Planet'. Engage in discussions about the critical notions of Costly Grace and Cheap Grace, unraveling what is truly necessary to address the climate crisis before humanity faces irreversible consequences.

Stay connected and be part of a healing conversation.

Andrew will step out with no money, just trust and faith that he will be provided for on the pilgrimage.

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