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 Humans; sometimes controlled, sometimes ridged, sometimes self-centred. This has clouded and influenced our understanding not only of our own human condition but also the multi-faceted, extremely diverse forms that exist and express themselves on this beautifully coloured orb hanging in the blackness and beauty of space.


Too often blinded by the opaque. Unable to see the richness of texture that exists in many things. It’s only when we can take these self-imposed blinkers off that we are able to start to really see. A jail cannot exist without a jailer.


Finding joy and comfort for the soul is just one of these wonderful gifts that you will receive when you take a life centred approach, leave your opinions outside the door and internalise and truly venerate the profundity of these chosen ancient words and scriptures.


Through these workshops we will work together to unpack each line of ancient prayers and poems using the practise of visualisation and two-way prayer see how these words can become a powerful tool for change within.


Only wounded healers can heal……


Join us in Paris for a 5 day residential Head To Heart course

October 2024 dates to be confirmed. All inclusive, meals, transport from the port of Newhaven, returning back to Newhaven. £995. Spaces limited 25 max. 50% deposit (non-refundable) required at time of booking.

All proceeds to the Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation to heal individuals and the planet.

Enter your details below to register and of one our team will conduct a short telephone session with you prior to booking to ensure that we can meet your expectations.

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