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Costly grace, Cheap grace.

I wrote The Hustler's Tale with Martyn, Professor Martyn Percy Dean of Christ Church as he was then. I can't write a book like that and have a normal life? Can I?  Otherwise, it means nothing It just means nothing. What's the point? It's just words. It's cheap grace. Bonhoeffer coined the phrases costly grace and cheap grace. He paid with his life for what he believed.


Paid with his life. Wow ! can you get your head around that?


When Jesus called out to Peter on the lake “Hey Peter, do you want to come and save the world?” Did Peter reply “Oh mate, can you come back later? Next week perhaps?" "Bit busy today." No, he dropped his nets and went." You know that's what it's all about. Costly grace. What does it cost you? You know, we've become so cheap with everything, and that's why the world's hurtling off into oblivion. I see ‘cheap grace’ all around me, politics, religion, human being behaviour. Quick fix self-help solutions.


Don’t worry all you need to do is meditate for an hour a day, read this book, that book and you can be ‘well’. Healed from your wounds, the shame, the guilt, fear, stress, and anxiety, all will be well. I knew what that was like I had had 28 years of it.


I needed more. I needed total salvation, redemption, atonement, forgiveness.


The ‘Greats’ as I call them had to physically change their lives, live their ‘programmes’ act their programmes and be their programmes. Now that is uncomfortable, Can’t I just change this bit and leave the rest?? Can’t I be a little bit pregnant?


I had no choice but to sell my possessions, give the money away and live in an alternative way. It means nothing if I didn’t. Where else could I go?


 Bonhoeffer, American TV evangelist, Holy Fools, Desert Fathers

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