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Who is the Simple Preacher?

Andrew Meikle is living proof that fortitude and faithfulness matter. His life – with its twists, turns, trials and tribulations – is also a story of quiet triumph. Readers will find it engaging, disturbing and challenging – but it stems from a life lived hard and fast, that has not been easy. And yet, has found a calm and peace through the maelstroms that make us all.

Dr. Martyn Percy.
Former Dean of Christchurch College, Oxford.

March 1959






2024 - 

March 2024

Being Born is being born into a debt….......... a shadow on the heart.

Words and pictures drawn by others.  Shadows cloak the heart : shame and guilt joined with Fear, anxiety, dread and loss. The Beast was being formed. My heart was being separated by attachment. Universal Love receding.

Alcohol, addiction, glimpses of the Universe, nights of the Soul

The Beast is exposed. Shadows start to give up their names. The Heart holds an outstretched hand of love to a grieving soul.

Shadows with no labels lurk in the darkness. Still to be named, seen by some not by others. The Beast reforms, a true chameleon. The Heart expanded can never regress. The opaque more difficult to see. The foundation of shifting sand is but cheap grace. Attachment with no Separation = Incompleteness.

The Dance with Shame again. The Gifts. Oxford University, Theology. Philosophy. Finally, the Heart is reunited with the soul. A Franciscan. Love and Service. The cry of the Earth is heard. The Beast is exposed in all its forms. Love Triumphs the Heart becoming pure, the child learns to flourishes again. Costly Grace and the Holy Spirit become my lovers. The ground upon which I stand is solid.

Separation from Attachment = Wholeness

Andrew sells all his possessions and gives the money away…

Andrew enters his new Nomadic life rejecting attachment to worldly goods.

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